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16 OZ. - ***Monthly Group Orders ONLY***

Flavor Infused Sea Moss by AlkaLeaf Brands is made from Wild Crafted St. Lucia Gold Sea Moss. This flavored/herbal infused Sea Moss not only packs the nutrition of Sea Moss but also adds extra nutritional values from the fruits and herbs infused within. The flavor is to be desired for those who love the benefits of Sea Moss but also want to enjoy the taste as well. All flavor infusions are Alkaline based for all the electric alkaline purist out there. Try our Sea Moss creations from: Strawberry-Mango, Citrus Sea Moss(Orange), Elderberry Bomb, and The Real 102(Bladderwrack) and more! 

Flavor Infused St. Lucia Gold Sea Moss Gel

  • Keep all Sea Moss products in cool dry areas. Sea Moss in gel form can last up to 2-3 weeks refrigerated.

  • This item will be ordered as a one time monthly group order. Please place orders before the 15th of each month. Orders placed after the 15th will be delivered the following month. You will receive an email when items have been delivered and are ready for pickup at our Uzima West Chester Location

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